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Missoula MT, anyone around here?

Posted by sirsumm 
Missoula MT, anyone around here?
November 06, 2011 05:51PM
I just started building a Techzone Huxley kit, and was wondering if there was anyone near me that could assist. I have most of the mechanical built, but must have some alignment problems of some sort. My steppers move well, as long as they aren't connected to the belts. Once I connect them, they seem to stall. I am not sure if I have too much binding in my frame, or if Repsnapper needs to be adjusted.

Thanks for the help!
Re: Missoula MT, anyone around here?
November 07, 2011 03:52AM
Sounds like you might need to adjust the pots on your stepper drivers?
Re: Missoula MT, anyone around here?
November 07, 2011 12:52PM
I do need to adjust the pots.....the other way. I got the motor mounts soft last night from heat. The motors were running at 90°c rather than the recommended 45-50°. Techzone recently updated the stepper drivers from what I understand, and I am having a bit of trouble getting the pots right. It looks like it is all or nothing when I turn them on. My CNC mill has pinouts that allow me to measure the current going to the steppers....Is there an easy way to measure the current/voltage needed to run this board safely?

Anyhow, I got X and Y to move with some degree of success. I think that I will be able to tune them in with little problem. Z is another story. It will travel home with little issue, but when I try to jog it in Repsnapper things go bad. I get some buzzing from the motor just like a stalled stepper. Then the monotronic board seems to go into some sort of overload protection and I am unable to move any axis until I unplug the 12v and plug it back in.
Re: Missoula MT, anyone around here?
November 20, 2011 05:39PM
You might have the acceleration too high in the firmware. That will cause buzzing in the steppers. What electronics version came with that kit? I know on the Gen6 there is a way to measure a testpoint's voltage and you can figure the motor current from that...I had to set mine just a hair higher than the recommended but if I go too much the motors stall/overheat.

I am located in Coeur d'Alene...I do not get out to Missoula often but if you are in the area I have a shop in Cd'A where I build/sell Repraps and I would imagine we could get your printer running in a day.

I put in a request to start a Inland Northwest Reprap user group that covers Eastern WA, North ID and Western MT so as soon as that is going you can join...I plan on working closely with the Idaho group (centered in Boise) and the Seattle group.

www.Robosprout.com RepRap Mendel parts and accessories.
Message if there is anything you need...I have more than what is listed on my site.
Located in the Spokane, WA / Coeur d'Alene, ID area.
Contact: Robosprout@gmail.com Flickr: [www.flickr.com]
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