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Hewage: the cloud slicer

Posted by TheCase 
Hewage: the cloud slicer
August 23, 2014 01:31PM
I've been working on a cloud-based wrapper for Skeinforge and Slic3r. I've had a very small group of Idaho RUGr's beta testing it.

I'd like to open it to a slightly larger group. But, understand it is running on a fairly under powered server and cannot handle more than a few people using it at a time. So, I'd appreciate it if we kept this "in state" for now.

That said, it'll certainly slice stuff faster than your netbook! It has hooks to the Octoprint API, so if your API is accessible from the internet, you can upload and start prints after slicing, right from Hewage. Let me know if you're interested in trying that feature. Yup, your entire workflow handled from a tablet!

Anyhow, accounts are free for the time being. I'm looking for any and all feedback about problems and possible improvements

If anyone is interested in participating, let me know.

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Re: Hewage: the cloud slicer
August 27, 2014 12:51PM
I thought it had a great potential when you first started experimenting oh so long ago. Funny story how I popped onto this thread today, it was a result from search for docs on Hewage, I was curious, since it was cloud based, if it could handle a slicing queue, or process files in parallel. I realize that is sort of an enterprise volume, and there is value there for me because most slicers have trouble with large files.

Glad to see this is an ongoing project for you, happy to help and provide user experience if needed.
Re: Hewage: the cloud slicer
August 29, 2014 06:49PM
Yes. As it stands, it does support parallel slicing. Queuing is totally possible. Pretty easy to implement, thanks for the suggest. I hadn't thought about it.

My current plan, other than evaluating feature requests is to port it into one of the more modern frameworks and templating engines.
Re: Hewage: the cloud slicer
May 07, 2015 01:18PM
Is Hewage still alive? If so, In my latest adeventures I'm seeing some great insight on how Hewage might solve ease of use options for many people who might need better automated workflow.

Let me know!
Re: Hewage: the cloud slicer
May 08, 2015 01:39PM
It is still alive. However, I have found it is not scalable. I've had no issues using it recently, but I think it can only handle one skienforge slice at a time. That's why I'll PM you the URL instead of posting it here.

Let me know if you have questions,
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