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Movement and Temperature

Posted by Suljo 
Movement and Temperature
June 12, 2013 10:47AM
I connect everything on Huxley and in software Macpronterface endstops works and pressing a home button works to but if I send command G1 X5 F500 nothing is happening only Error message jumps on right side of software window: Printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart! (Temperature is reset. Set it before restarting).

Also while Checking temperature graph shows Heat Bed temperature from 190-210 degrees C.
If I disconnect 4wire cable from heat bed then graph shows Heat Bed temperature between (minus -30 an minus -45 degrees C)
Temperature for Thermistor seam to be OK from 23-25 C.

Thermistor on Heatbed shows 103K ohm
When I try to increase temperature of Hot end or of Hot bed nothing happens both stays cold.

I have Menzel board on Huxley Revision 2013-05-16
PLS help

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Re: Movement and Temperature
June 12, 2013 06:49PM
Just to make sure there is nothing floating around in the eeprom messing you around, try the following G-Code:
M502 (reverts back to factory settings)
M500 (store settings)

*edited to actually use the factory reset code M502...

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Re: Movement and Temperature
June 12, 2013 09:06PM
THNX Squeeks for response. Finally I know that I talk with real people smiling smiley
While I waiting for any response from RepRapPRO support and my first post here I just disassemble Hotbed, measure all and assemble it again. All seams to be OK as in the first place.
For now head follows movement commands and extruder without filament (cold extrusion) works. Still I dont know how but it works. Normally dont know how long.
Still dont have any answers from RepRapPRO support for 2 days?!
Very PROfessionally from them.
Are this guys are alive???
Re: Movement and Temperature
June 13, 2013 03:42AM
The reprap pro people do respond, and I have had a replacement part so they aren't all bad. I did have an issue with one email disappearing, so I don't know how aggressive their spam filter is.

I take it your heat bed is still giving out the wrong temperature - what happens if you manually heat the bed (using a hair dryer or heat gun). Do you see a temperature change in pronterface? - Unless you have a wiring problem, the thermister should be reading around the 100k mark for room temperature. If you are slightly colder it should be higher and warmer it should be less.

If the thermister in the hot end is reading correctly try swapping the input for the bed and the hot end, I haven't checked but I think they should be roughly the same devices. - if you do get different readings post back and I am sure someone (possibly me) will double check.

Doing the above should let you point the finger at the thermister or rule it out. Hopefully it goes without saying to check your wiring. I didn't find the heat bed connector instructions very clear and had used the wrong pin as the signal wire initially, but that might just be me.


Other things to try if the thermister turns out to be fine is reloading the firmware - which is here [github.com] - once you get the hang of this and you still have a problem, you'll be able to tinker with the thermister offsets and temperature lookup tables if required.
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