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What to do MOSFET's gate is blown

Posted by heimfabrikant 
What to do MOSFET's gate is blown
July 03, 2013 04:59PM
Because of an stupid accident the MOSFET's gate on my reprappro huxley is blown.
Now the heatbed don't stop rising tremperature when I plug in my machine.
Does anybody know what to do now?

Re: What to do MOSFET's gate is blown
July 04, 2013 03:51AM
eye rolling smiley I would guess replacing the MOSFET would be then next thing on my To Do List.

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Re: What to do MOSFET's gate is blown
July 04, 2013 12:47PM

It is a littele bit confusing because now the heatbed is working again....but in the wrong direction (when I turn it ON it stops heating).
Maybe I can fix this by editing pins.h in the firmware, i will try this later.
I read threads of other users who had similar problems.
However, if theres need to replace the MOSFET, I don't now where to get this spare.confused smiley

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Re: What to do MOSFET's gate is blown
July 05, 2013 05:37AM
It's always a good idea to measure wether the gate voltage of the MOSFET, that's the pin connected to the ATmega, matches your expectations. 0V when off, 5V when on and varying in between after reaching temperature.

There are many MOSFETs which fit, as long as the MOSFET is big enough. Common choices are IRL 3803, FDP 8870, IRLB 8743. For details, see [reprap.org]

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