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Huxley and ABS and ReprapPro?!

Posted by Suljo 
Huxley and ABS and ReprapPro?!
July 20, 2013 09:25PM
As I see in RepRapPro profiles there is no profiles for Huxley for printing ABS, just generic for Mendel.
From day one and first print I know that is something wrong with Huxley x-carriage design. Hot end is to close to x-carriage printed part, printed part itself is to close to hot bed. Nothing prevents bearings to just leave printed part and dance alone on x smooth rods!? Fan is cooling most of the top printed part not bottom at all?!

Question for RepRapPro
Why is x-carriage printed part so close to hotbed which become soften during hotbed heating, after that becomes dancing of bearings. After that you only can imagine what will happen when bearings get out from printed part and when print is over and head want to go to home position???
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Re: Huxley and ABS and ReprapPro?!
July 22, 2013 12:49PM
I think I had a similar problem. I previously had a little bit of tape holding in the two bottom bearings on the X axis as I found them to be quite loose. A few weeks later, after using a Zip-tie bearing holder I found on Thingiverse, I noticed the X carriage was a little bent a where the belt ends lock in.

To solve this I mashed two different Huxley X carriage designs I found on Thingiverse into one. One by FMMT666 was the Zip-tie bearing holder. The other was by Weldingrod1, it had a bit of reinforcement.

I never posted this X carriage derivative on Thingiverse (yet), so here it is, attached. Hopefully it will help.

Personally, I don't often print in ABS on my Huxley. Also, using a fan to cool a ABS prints does more harm then good. (Unless you are talking about the fan on the hotend. That and it's heat sink are used to cool the aluminum cooling block.)
open | download - zip-x-reinforced.stl (56.9 KB)
Re: Huxley and ABS and ReprapPro?!
July 24, 2013 07:09PM
Thnx for posting. FMMT666 seams to be OK but my major problem is that hotend and bottom of printed x-cariage part are almost at the same high from hotbed (eg. bottom of printed x-carriage part is about 0,5 mm from hotbed and in case of FMMT666 Iam shure that lock ups of zip tie will bee lower than bottom of printed part itself.. Problem starts with ABS temperatures of hotbed which transfer part of heat to printed part which then goes to softening mode which cause part to bend even more to hotbed and loosening bearings even more. After that bottom of x-carriage starts to scrape at prints what you are printing especially if there is some bridging, ozzing etc.
For now I just glued with silicone 2 bearings with x-carriage inside, and also lower down hot end by putting M5 screws between nozzle mounting and hotend whic lowers hotend down by 3-4mm. Dont know how long will it run, but for now is much better than default.

Look the difference in attachment... scanned at 200%
Also I thing that I must change M3 screw in the x-idler bracket with one which dont have thread thru all length.
open | download - Xcariage.jpg (95.3 KB)
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