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[Solved] Using RAMPS with Huxley

Posted by fujisama 
[Solved] Using RAMPS with Huxley
May 27, 2014 08:02AM
For those who want to use RAMPS with the RepRapPro Huxley,
here is an answer from reprappro support to configure marlin:

"You may need to change the steps per mm, or printed parts will come out the wrong size. I think you have an older Huxley kit with T2.5 belt, and probably 14-tooth printed pulleys?

Steps per mm for belt = ( motor steps per revolution * microstepping ) / ( number of pulley teeth * tooth pitch )

The motors we supply are 1.8 degree, 200 steps per revolution. T2.5 tooth pitch is 2.5mm, MXL tooth pitch is 2.032mm. We use 16x microstepping.

If you have printed pulleys (14-tooth T2.5): (200 x 16)/(14 x 2.5) = 91.429
If you have printed pulleys (17-tooth MXL): (200 x 16)/(17 x 2.032) = 92.635
If you have aluminium pulleys (18-tooth MXL): (200 x 16)/(18 x 2.032) = 87.489

So for X and Y axis, with 14-tooth T2.5, change this by sending:
M92 X91.429 Y91.429

You can also use Josef Prusa's calculator: [calculator.josefprusa.cz] "

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