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Questions Concerning Huxley Extruder Drive

Posted by TSchmidt 
Questions Concerning Huxley Extruder Drive
June 06, 2015 02:16AM
Hello friends,

Just got my Huxley Duo yesterday, and everything seems to be coming along nicely. However, I do have a few questions concerning the Extruder Drive:

#1 - Should there be this large of a gap when mounting the extruder block on the NEMA 17 motor with the M3X20mm (#241) cap head screws as the directions suggest? [They are snug]

Photo: [drive.google.com]

After thinking about this, I switched out the M3X20mm (#241) screws for M3X16mm (#242) screws. This seems to be a better fit, with no play between the extruder block and motor. Hope that help someone else out if they are following the directions to a "T".

#2 - So I pushed the Large Extruder Gear and hobbed insert assembly into its position, and it functions quite nicely, however the bearing is so firmly lodged into the extruder block, that I'm certain I will break the large gear trying to pull it up and off if I ever need to clean/reattach the hobbed insert. Going at it from below and pushing up on the M3X20mm Hex head is the only other option I can think of, but there's not much material to get a firm grip on the block. Is there any nifty tricks to getting this assembly out that I'm not seeing as of now?

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