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Converting melzi to duet

Posted by ebola0 
Converting melzi to duet
February 16, 2016 12:23PM
I've come into possession of my brother's 3d printer, a huxley with a melzi controller. I just bought a duet (the .6 version from longcat labs. I'm confused about how to convert the wiring over. The end stop connections on the melzi board have two wires (I'm assuming pwr/gnd). On the duet theres three pins, labelled STP, 3.3, and gnd. What's the stp pin for? It doesn't really make sense that it'd be a blank connection

Also, the motor plugs on the melzi are color coded red, blue, green black (in that order, left to right on the x and y plugs and then flipped black, green, blue, black for the z and e sets. On the duet it has the motor connections labelled as 2b, 2a, 1a, 1b. Which goes where?
Re: Converting melzi to duet
February 16, 2016 01:54PM
If you have only 2 wires per endstop, use the outermost 2 pins of the 3-pin endstop connector on the Duet. The +3.3V pin in the middle is for opto and Hall effect endstops.

I suggest you plug the motor connectors directly into the Duet, all the same way round. If any of the motors runs backwards, then (with the power off) you can reverse the connector, or alternatively adjust the M569 commands in the config.g file to reverse the direction.

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