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Proximity sensor problems

Posted by Andreas15 
Proximity sensor problems
March 03, 2016 12:36PM

I'm fixing a Huxley at school that was badly build and just stood there. I came a long way already, but where I have to test the proximity sensor in the manual, I'm stuck. The proximity sensor constantly gives a value of around 917, no matter if I move a paper close to it or not, it's always around the same value when I send G31.

I tried some stuff already, but I really can't find what it could be. What would this mean, is it a fault on the Duet maybe?

Re: Proximity sensor problems
March 04, 2016 05:08AM
It could be caused by a fault on the Duet, but that is rare. Are you certain you have the proximity sensor connected to the correct pin on the Duet? The pin it is connected to changed between firmware versions. I suggest you post a photo showing how you have it connected, and let us know which firmware version you are using (send M115 to find out).

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