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Huxley Build

Posted by Auzze 
Huxley Build
November 07, 2010 03:17PM

I'm starting to collect the parts to build a Huxley Reprap printer.
I noted in the Huxley BOM there is no listing for bolt. Before I go and buy a heap of not need bolts can someone list what bolts are needed.

Also, I'm thinking I will build the larger version, so just need to know what sizes to cut all the rods.


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Re: Huxley Build
November 08, 2010 07:43AM
The wiki page only has some of the BOM listing. The one I used for my Huxley was the mendel-m3-assembly-data-sheet.xls located at [reprap.svn.sourceforge.net]. There's alot of info there, check all the tabs.

Re: Huxley Build
January 21, 2011 04:12PM

My Huxley is all built and printing. I just have to works out some software problems but I'm very happy

All finshed

I went with a mini wade [www.thingiverse.com] , works very well

Re: Huxley Build
January 21, 2011 11:15PM
Looks good. I am having a few problems with my Z axis being a bit stiff any ideas?

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