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Huxley chassis plate

Posted by Auzze 
Huxley chassis plate
November 21, 2010 09:13AM

I have built my Huxley to the large size as per rod sizes in the wiki, I now to make the chassis plate and was wondering if I just use the original size or do I make it larger, if the later what size I make it.
Also is 6mm MDF ok this this.

Re: Huxley chassis plate
November 22, 2010 03:39AM
The wiki shows the stud-frame-end rods 60mm longer so the chassis plate (frog) needs to be that much longer also. The stud-frame-side rods are 70mm longer and I would think that some of that length should be added to the chassis plate so there is not to much overhang on the build plate. On my Huxley I added only 30mm to stud-frame-end rods and added that to the chassis plate so I would have a 140x140mm build area. If you don't add to the bolts will get ing the way of your build area.
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