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Bowden extruder issues

Posted by owism8 
Bowden extruder issues
April 19, 2011 03:09PM

Can anyone help me on how to connect the bowden extruder to the body of the Huxley.

Also I need to know how to connect the hot-tip to the x-axis carriage.

Where do you prefer to place the hot-tip manager?

Where do you place the extruder anyways?

Help much appreciated! Any photos would help. Word descriptions play on my imagination.
Re: Bowden extruder issues
April 19, 2011 07:21PM
when i got mine working again i need to get more of the extruder settings done right, i do not seem to get enough out of the hot end.

Re: Bowden extruder issues
April 20, 2011 06:51AM
This small video may help answer your questions. I will post another one tonight after I rebuild my extruder.
Huxley Video

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Re: Bowden extruder issues
April 20, 2011 07:25AM
Thanks for the help ajm11. So you just drilled a hole on the side of the ABS guide?
A couple more questions for you:
- Why did you rebuild your extruder?
- What did you use for the bed?
-When I first start it, how will it know the length of the x,y, and z axis, theres no flag on the other side if you know what I mean.
-Any help on how to do initial software setup? Any documentation on all the settings?

I found these settings but its for PLA. I have ABS.

someone on the forum
My settings for PLA:
Extruder temp: 220 (issues in the melt nozzle so i run it high)
Extrusion Multiplier: 1.4
Extruded material width: .6
Extruded height: .4
Min/Max print speed: around 1800 (some blow out issues)
Z Printspeed: 50
No raft
Infill gap of 1mm
With repsnapper dont forget to edit the extruder temp set for the temp you want. It defaults to 75 when you generate the gcode

Thanks again
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