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Surplus SEM refurb

Posted by pyrotronics 
Surplus SEM refurb
November 28, 2012 05:32AM
Hi guys,

I've received a ISI-40 scanning electron microscope that's in need of some TLC to get it going for sem vision testing.

It doesn't have the control cabinet. Its only the full vacuum system, E beam and the main high voltage power supply (no idea what voltage). I did however find a few rack mount adjustable high voltage power supplies that should aid it getting it going.

Where should I start to determine what voltages to apply to coils, beams?

So far my plan is to,
1: get the vacuum system going/ sealing
2: get the ebeam going
3: get the ebeam scanning using a microcontroller
4: get back scattered scanner reading using a high speed micro + adc
5: get 3d detector setup and test using a fpga / dsp

Any other thoughts? Wisdom?

Re: Surplus SEM refurb
November 28, 2012 08:10AM
Hi Pyro,

have you tried to get in contact with Wilhelm ( [heupke.com] ) ?

With his experience in SEM and DIY he should be able to give you some numbers ...

Re: Surplus SEM refurb
November 28, 2012 11:51PM
Just sent a email now, will keep you guys posted
Re: Surplus SEM refurb
December 12, 2012 12:52AM
Hey guys,

I'm making up some fittings to connect my roughing vacuum pump to the SEM. The diffusion pump looks ok and has oil, I still need some water cooling for it. Should I get an air-conditioning unit or a bucket/ radiator setup? the air conditioning unit sounds overkill to me

I've looked through the parts and it looks like it uses two main copper coils to accel the beam. All the copper coils are external to the vacuum which goes down the center. It makes sealing a lot easier not having to have vac feed thru's. Any ideas on what to measure to figure out what voltages I should use and spot size? I'm guessing I can re purpose the spread sheet to figure it out?

I also need a phosphor screen to tell if I'm getting a e-beam. Any old scopes for donation in New Zealand?
Also for a vaccumm window, whats the recommended plastic, poly prop ?
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