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DAC's and Circuit for Deflection Coils

Posted by pyrotronics 
DAC's and Circuit for Deflection Coils
January 16, 2013 02:44AM
Hi Guys,

I've just been playing with the Build Speed Calculator and noticed the scan rate for the deflection coils. Has anyone found a spec for the DAC?

e.g. 160khz, 12bit, Parallel interface for FPGA, possible candidates and cost?

And circuits to drive the coils. I have no idea what voltage will need to be applied, 500 volt?

Cheap audio amplifier circuitry to take 0 - 3v3 to 0 to 500 volts?

Would a cheaper option work with a opto isolated mosfets that PWM the voltage at ~200kHz so no expensive DAC's required? Maybe have a low pass filter on the output to smooth it back to DC

Your thoughts?
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