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(possible) applications of MetalicaRap?

Posted by dinosath 
(possible) applications of MetalicaRap?
February 17, 2013 06:07AM
I have been following the progress of 3d printing and metalicarap for 2 years and i have been wondering the impact metalicarap would have in our lives.

i read about the goal of the team to print diy solar cells but if metalicarap is completed what other applications it would have?

apart from kitchenware,machine parts and other simple household related items(that come to my mind because of normal 3d printing) would it be possible to create industrial machines?

for example will diy (plastic) electronics advance? will we be able to create industrial level inkjet printhead for oled,eink and other screen printing technologies or plastic electronics printing inkheads and more complicated machines?

because if it is possible i believe it would create a great impact in the world...and also attract much more people to reprap,metalicarap and 3d printing in general.
also it will attract more people to contribute in the project and also the kickstarter campaign

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Re: (possible) applications of MetalicaRap?
February 22, 2013 05:06PM
The one thing that this machine should be able to do is a tolerance of 20um over 200mm. Thats really really accurate. So bearings, shafts, gears, pins, could be made.

other advantages of the e-beam process is that it can be used to polish the surface AFTER printing which will make one continuous chrome finish, very useful if you don't want to sit there with sand paper or your making a ball and socket joint.

Also for your print heads, the e-beam might not be able to print a 20um hole but it could make the hole in the piece after printing very accurately. Its the preferred method in industry for making small holes since there's no drill bit to wear or break.

Feature creep...Do you think it would be possible to put a broken part in the machine and measure using the SEM. Then take it out and print. or print directly on top of the broken part?

Could we make batteries?
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