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metalica rap hardware kit

Posted by meninas92 
metalica rap hardware kit
September 09, 2014 01:45PM
after downloading all the files, im asking me if there is anywhere where i could find the already made boards with smd components placed and soldered. Because i think get the schematics to a builder needs a minimun order. maybe an arduino contact could build the boards and sold to the lost sheeps like me. its also posible to use the sublimation pump to make absolute vacuum inside the chamber without using the oil pump? . its also posible to use a ionic pump with the 5kv power to make the vacuum ? as far as i know ionic pump are cheaper the expensive part is the power supply (as long as i know there are only electrodes inside)
Re: metalica rap hardware kit
September 19, 2014 06:55AM
i'm about to start sourcing some parts for a build of the 1kv power supply which is pretty much the same as the 62kv supply, you need both for a Metalica. I cant confirm it all works tho, I'm trusting the good work of the team here. If your still keen to pay for some parts up front I could build up some pcb's for you aswell and you can test it out yourself

Also with your pumps. You can't start up a ionic, oil or sublimation pump with out first using a roughing pump (mechanical ) to remove as much air as possible. If you don't rough it out first the ionic / sublimation pump will burn out the electrodes, think of a light bulb. If you try break the glass and turn it on it will blow.

The idea with the metalica build is that you only need a good roughing pump to get to the required vacuum.
Re: metalica rap hardware kit
September 22, 2014 01:42PM
well i dont know so much about ionic pump, (i work as a electronic technician in a radar) as far as i know there are cillindrical titanium electrodes that generate chemical compounds from the air and made vacuum, here i have a twt which is basically a metalicarap small chamber, and only needs ionic pump no mecanical pump, if you think is cheaper a rough pump then i have nothing to say,but having a 5kv power supply and dont use a metal electrode for vacuum seems extrange for me.

on the other part of the message how much is for the electronics part. i have to ask my bank for a mortage credit?e

next cuestion is: is the pcb finished or i have to solder the componets, i am skilled soldering throught hole components but smd its like a nightmare for me.

i was statement if its possible to contact some geek provider who could made some boards with smd and share the cost with other builders

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Re: metalica rap hardware kit
September 22, 2014 09:07PM
I was under the impression ionic needed some roughing before hand.. It might just be faster, maybe someone here can shed some light on It?

It's going to be around 1k USD per power supply in electronic parts alone, have you looked at the cost spread sheet? its prob $3k USD for the power supply


If you ask nicely I might be able to assemble the smd components on your boards. It depends on who else here wants one? I'm not expecting many orders.

Also remember there are parts that haven't been designed that you would need for a complete machine, coil control, build platform and SEM vision system.
Re: metalica rap hardware kit
September 23, 2014 03:40PM
im not sure too (im a newbie in radar maintenance) only 3years in the spanish army.

i know about the spread sheet but i dont know if the price is for the whole finished board or just for the pcb ?

you are going to solder yourself? if its the case i could risk myself to solder, i was looking for something like a big order or automatic fabrication to halve cost.

but if nobody joins i gladly made a joint buy whith you

in that case i wanna know how much is going to cost the pcb alone.
Re: metalica rap hardware kit
September 23, 2014 05:20PM
The PCB prices are in that spreadsheet as well. I haven't seen any assembly costs in the spreadsheet so I would say that its just raw part's. I haven't done any work to see what a bulk buy would do to the prices. It might drop it 50-100 bucks?
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