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Managed versionable repository

Posted by reprap80 
Managed versionable repository
August 14, 2018 12:48PM
Hi there,

happy to learn about MetalicaRap!

Also I have to admit it is not easy to get an overview of digital artefacts created in the projects.

What do you think if MetalicaRap could have a GitHub based organization with a set of (or even just one) repositories organized for example like the following:

- hardware
-- module1
-- module2
- software
-- module1
-- module2
- management
-- BOM
-- project plans
- documentation
-- user manual (could be a TeX project)
-- possibly copies of sourced parts documentation if applicable

At GitHub, not only versioning is possible but also:

- release and distribution of file releases
- automation of for example manual generation or software compilation and testing
- issue and task management and tracking

What do you think? if we would agree on the first structure I'd volunteer to pick up existing files, set up the repository and add accounts.

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Re: Managed versionable repository
September 01, 2018 03:36PM
We have decided to use GitLab
As they support tools for moving our data later if necessary.
Also support continual software integration,
Also NASA uses it.
But if you could help setting it up on gitlab that would be great.
Kind regards

My user name is rapatan

Project name MetalicaRap
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