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RepSnapper and COM 11

Posted by JamesHardiman 
RepSnapper and COM 11
October 29, 2011 12:21PM
When I connect my Gen 6 to my WIndows XP machine, it connects on COM11 (no idea why, but it always does), and RepSnapper won't let me select anything higher than COM 9.

Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this?

Many thanks,

Re: RepSnapper and COM 11
October 30, 2011 06:04PM
I was have same problem with my usb port.
You can change default com port number under XP:
Go hardware admin, select your com11 port and go "properties" button. goto "config port", select a com2 (or a free com port)
If all ports below com9 are "in use", select a sure free com port (for example com5) and agree warning.

My windows isn't english, some text may vary. screen capture attached.
hope help.

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open | download - commport.JPG (76.1 KB)
Re: RepSnapper and COM 11
October 30, 2011 08:05PM
[Danx3]: many thanks; that's brilliant.
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