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Saving Repsnapper Printer definition?

Posted by Johnnyjack777 
Saving Repsnapper Printer definition?
November 30, 2010 11:48PM
Hey all,
(Tim that basically does everything about Repsnapper, Same Tim from Michigan? smiling smiley

Having trouble keeping printer definitions past closing the program...
Likewise with the port speed

Doesn't seem to be a save button of any kind or any files except the program itself?

Re: Saving Repsnapper Printer definition?
December 05, 2010 01:58PM
Try the "Input File" tab, there is a "Save Settings" button on the top right. That should do it.

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I have tried everything ( I think ), and have not been able to get repsnapper to save my settings. I have to type in my port name manually every time, and i have to reset other settings, too, every time i run the program. Only the custom buttons and what i change in the gcode tabs is saved. this is under ubuntu, btw. under winxp (dual-boot), I cannot get temp reading, so cannot print. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Saving Repsnapper Printer definition?
January 25, 2011 12:26PM
Repsnapper doesn't save everthing..

On latest bineary for Windows for instance.. You need to specify the comm port each time, and the temperature.


Re: Saving Repsnapper Printer definition?
January 26, 2011 01:16AM
You can at least modify the settings .xml file directly, though that is a bit of a pain. That's what I did to get it to save the port, etc.

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