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Connect to printer

Posted by Makro 
Connect to printer
February 28, 2011 10:21AM

If this is the place to report bugs...............

When connecting to printer, to avoid a time out, most times I have to hit connect and straight away hit a button to move a motor.
Is there somewhere I can "add a line" that when "connect" button is pressed move eg. Z axis up 1mm.
Can that be done in the custom button tabs? Anyone know how to do that?

This is repsnap windows i'm using.
Re: Connect to printer
March 04, 2011 02:41PM
sounds interesting. i think you'd be better off solving the timeout issue, since we've been waiting for a couple months for a new windows build.

What version of windows and what electronics are you using?
Re: Connect to printer
March 06, 2011 05:22PM
i'm on winXP and Camiels Gen6 batch 1
Re: Connect to printer
March 08, 2011 04:15PM
hmm maybe it's a baud rate issue? i use windows 7 and gen6, and repsnapper. I don't have any issues with timing out.
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