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Windows Repsnaper beta build - Problem Reports

Posted by BodgeIt 
Windows Repsnaper beta build - Problem Reports
April 04, 2011 04:37PM
This is a place holder for Problems found when using the New Repsnaper Beta build for Windows located here.


This could be used for user refrence by anyone using the Windows Beta version.

The primary use will be to try to fix these problems once I find a way to compile the source on Windows.

If these problems are fully replicatable in the Linux and OSX version.
Then the Main Branch issue list will need to have these Problem Reports added in GitHub.


Problem 1

Bed temperature display in UI needs fixing by adding the missing call back line in ui.fl

Problem 2

Printer prameters Edited in Printer settings listed below are not re-loaded when RepSnapper is re-started.

It seems that these settings are not being saved when using File\Prefrences\Save or File\Prefrences\Save As

Could these Prefrence be hard coded...?

X Y and Z build volume settings -> Fails to Save.

Com: port number -> Fails to Save.

Problem 3

On the Interactive tab These setting are not saved or are hard coded.

The target Nozzle temprature that is set to 200C.
The target Bed temprature that is set to 200C.

Problem 4

When saving the printer prefrences with the File\Prefrences\Save As option and you re-select a custom prefrences file (ie repsnapper_2.conf) when the file is saved a ".conf" is added to the file name thus the new file will be named repsnapper_2.conf.conf and not as it should be repsnapper_2.conf.

I will post further problems found here If anyone else using this version finds and can verify that problem.
(ie exit and repeat the steps that generate that problem again.)

Please write a detailed description of how to reproduce the problem and how the problem manifests itself.

If the problem is caused by a certain STL file or other file please attach the file that caused the problem.

This will enable the problem to be recreated on another machine with the Windows Beta version running.

It may also be usefull for those running the Linxu or OSX builds as the bug could span the diffren OS builds.

If you are running OSX or Linux versions please do not post the bugs you find here as there are issue tabs in the GitHub branches where this should be done.

Please NOTE:- The problems listed here may have alredy been fixed or may not even exist in the Linux or OSX builds.

So far none of the problems listed here are what are know as SHOW stoppers.
ie all the bugs listed here are anoying extra features that can be worked around.

For example as my build volumes are diffrent I have to edit the prefrences each time I start Repsnapper.

Its usefull to remember if you use interactive mode do not switch the bed on untill you set the target temprature to a resonable temprature.

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