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Extruder do not stop heating

Posted by oz 
Extruder do not stop heating
June 30, 2011 06:43AM
Hi i have ramps 1.2 with sprinter FW and repsnapper. (Latest build compiled in ubuntu 11.4).
Everything looks fine except heating of extruder. After i switch power supply, extruder strats heating, completely ignoring preset values.
M105 returns temperature fine.
M104 S200 looks responding too.
In Printer controls table is preset value 25°C for extruder and bed and, even if i change it, after few seconds repsnapper sets 25 again. "Heat on" does not look to do anything (exceps button become little more grey).
I can read current temperature by using "manual" M105 command but repsnapper do not show it enywhere...

Any advice?

tried changing pin 10 to pin 9 (if mosfet is dead) -> same problem
Extruder stays cool, untill i set some temperature or hit "heater on", after it, extruder do not stop heating even if target temperature is reached and only way to stop it, u need to turn power supply off....

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Re: Extruder do not stop heating
July 23, 2011 08:28AM
Generally, with repsnapper once you set the target value, you need to click "Enable" & "Switch Heat On."

You can see the current temperature which will keep on updating as the temperature rises. And once you get to the target temperature, you need to turn off the heat.

One more precaution, you should have a look whether whatever you are using for temperature measurement is tightly in place or not.
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