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[SOLVED] Problem with gcode and Kliment's Tonokip

Posted by zzarbi 
[SOLVED] Problem with gcode and Kliment's Tonokip
August 15, 2011 11:26PM

I've generated the attached gcode with skeinforge41.
Repsnapper load it without anyissue however when I try to print it will go from line 1 to line 18:

M113 S1.0
M108 S150.0
M104 S180.0
M108 S150.0
G1 X86.4 Y87.77 Z0.72 F60.0
G1 F798.0
G1 E1.0
G1 F60.0
G1 X86.4 Y112.39 Z0.72 F675.0 E18.066
G1 X89.28 Y112.39 Z0.72 F675.0 E2.113
G1 X89.28 Y87.77 Z0.72 F675.0 E18.066
G1 X92.16 Y87.77 Z0.72 F675.0 E2.113
G1 X92.16 Y112.39 Z0.72 F675.0 E18.066 ; line 18
G1 X95.04 Y112.39 Z0.72 F675.0 E2.113

Send the command to the printer but the printer will not respond and repsnapper is locked... i have to unplug/replug the USB

Why is that happening?


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open | download - 6543box_export.gcode (12.4 KB)
Re: Problem with gcode and Kliment's Tonokip
August 16, 2011 10:32PM
Well i don't know what cause the problem bu I've tried repsnapper on windows and ubuntu and both get the same results => Stuck after sending one command.

I assumed that it might have been cause by the firmware and so I choose to upgrade to Sprinter Firmware since Kliment's Tonokip is not supported anymore and now everything works fine smiling smiley
Re: [SOLVED] Problem with gcode and Kliment's Tonokip
August 18, 2011 04:48AM
Could be it's waiting for the hot end to warm up; it pauses while it's doing this and won't accept more commands because of limited memory. I usually pre-heat my hot end with repsnapper, extrude 10-20mm to get it going, then run the gcode.
Use the gcode dictionary to check what your gcode is doing: [reprap.org]

Usually okay gcodes:
G90 - Set absolute positioning
G21 - Set distance units for motion and position values to millimeters
M104 - Set the temperature of the current extruder and return control to the host immediately
M105 - Request current extruder and base temperatures

Problem gcodes (especially if you have a stepper motor):
M103 - Turns the extruder off (DEPRECATED)
M113 - Set Extruder PWM (ie speed) (don't use if you have a stepper motor rather than DC motor for extruder)
M108 - Set extruder motor speed (DEPRECATED)
M101 - Turns the extruder motor on in the forward direction at the speed specified with M108. It will also cause a delay if the extruder is not at the target temperature as it heats up. (DEPRECATED)

To get rid of extraneous gcodes in Skeinforge, edit replace.csv in skeinfore_application/alterations. Add (for example)
and Skeinforge will comment it out. I have it set to comment out M101, M103, M108 and M113
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