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Trouble printing with repsnapper

Posted by crumrw 
Trouble printing with repsnapper
August 17, 2011 10:03AM
Hello all,

I finall have everything assembled and my firmware loaded. I am able to move each individual axis in repsnapper manual but when I upload an .stl file and convert to gcode in repsnapper, it gets an error that it doesn't recognize the command and the extruder does a little dance. I've tried this with several files. The only one that seemed to work is when I downloaded Skeinforge and used the test gcode file. Also while it tries to print that, my extruder motor is not turning. I don't have my hot end connected right now, so there are no thermistor or capacitor input on the RAMPS yet. Would this cause the ectruder motor not to turn?
Re: Trouble printing with repsnapper
August 17, 2011 06:21PM
Check the contents of the start tab under the gcode tab. It's probably got some gcode in there that isn't compatible. Mine is now as follows:
; GCode generated by RepSnapper by Kulitorum
G21                              ;metric is good!
G90                              ;absolute positioning
T0                                 ;select new extruder
G92 E0                          ;set extruder home
G1 E10 F1000                          ;extrude a bit to get it going
G92 E0                          ;reset extruder home
G28 X0 Y0                    ;go home
M104 S185.0                 ;set temperature
But to be honest, use Skeinforge for generating gcode. Repsnapper does a poor job of it. your output will improve substantially when you get to grips with Skeinforge.
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