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Power supply questions (considering 24 V)

Posted by jbayless 
Power supply questions (considering 24 V)
November 07, 2011 03:50PM
Hi everyone,

I'm considering running my printer from a 24-volt power supply. Before I do so, my main concern is that the Arduino Mega is only rated up to a recommended 12 V, with 20 V being a hard limit. So I'd like to do this without frying my voltage regulators or damaging any components. I know that the Pololu steppers are rated up to 35 V.

So I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to run the Arduino from a separate, 12-V low-current power supply? Or is it too tightly integrated into the power system on RAMPS?

2. It looks like it receives its power through the diode D1. If I supplied 12 volts to that pin instead of 24, would the Arduino be protected?

3. I'm considering putting a small DC-DC step-down (buck) converter to provide 12 volts to the Arduino. This might require a logic-level power supply. Does the Arduino provide the 5-volt Vcc to the board, through its own voltage regulators? (If so then I wouldn't be able to make use of it for my step-down converter).

4. In the schematic, are all of the nodes marked "+ 12V" connected together? If so, which of the two input pins (labelled X4-1 and X4-3) are actually supplying the power? What are the differences between the two of these pins connected to ground? Between the two connected (through fuses) to +12V?

Thanks for your help,

Re: Power supply questions (considering 24 V)
November 07, 2011 06:18PM
If you don't install the diode on the RAMPS board, then the Arduino will get power from the USB or it's own power connector only. So you can run RAMPS with higher voltage.
Re: Power supply questions (considering 24 V)
November 08, 2011 01:58AM
Wonderful, thank you!
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