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Wiring Steppers

Posted by Tommydag 
Wiring Steppers
April 17, 2012 09:02PM
My Prusa is in the mail (I am so excited) and the parts are expected to arrive by May first. My steppers that I ordered from phidgets.com don't have long enough leads to connect to the RAMPS. I have searched all over for documentation on wiring but have found none!

What type of wiring is recommended for wiring these? I want it to look nice and organized as well as cheap! I was thinking of changing the headers on the RAMPS board from the standard male headers to the 4 pin fan headers found on motherboards. I would do this so the polarity of the motors cannot be mixed up.

What type of cable would I use though? What gauge would be heavy enough? I would also need cable extensions for the thermistors and opto-endstops.

Also, does anyone have any personal suggestions for cable management that look good and are cheap?

I want all of the cabling and stuff to be very well done because my printer will be need to be moved often.

Thanks, Tom.
Re: Wiring Steppers
April 18, 2012 09:00AM
Old PCs are a nice source for usable cabling. 220V cables do 12V nicely, too.

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