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X axis stepper controller very hot/whines when idle

Posted by krunchy 
X axis stepper controller very hot/whines when idle
May 07, 2012 11:26PM
I'm running ramps 1.4 with two different sprinter versions. One is current as of a few days ago and the other is from last october, which is running on my other printer, also ramps 1.4. Both boards were pre-assembled.

When idling, the x-axis stepper will emit a high pitched whine, and the controller for it gets very hot while idling. Y, Z, and E are completely silent.

I thought nothing of this until the stepper seemed to seize up. I removed it from its mount and this was all the stepper would do.

I swapped the stepper controllers around and determined the controller was burned out. sad smiley

I also determined that the whining does not follow the stepper or controller. The whining stepper is always in X, and the X controller gets too hot to touch when idling.

I do have D1 soldered in, and I'm using a 30A power supply. The heated bed functions perfectly, as does the hot end.

Is there something specific that I should check? Also, is it possible to resuscitate the burned out controller? It doesn't look like anything burned out, but it most definitely isn't working.

EDIT: Also, the stepper does not get hot, only the controller..

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Re: X axis stepper controller very hot/whines when idle
May 08, 2012 01:22AM
You probably just have the gain too high on the driver, turn the pot anti clockwise while driving the stepper
Re: X axis stepper controller very hot/whines when idle
May 08, 2012 08:13AM
If it stays with the X axis when changing the motor and driver it must be a PCB fault on the RAMPS board. Most likely one of the motor connections shorted to ground or 12V.

Re: X axis stepper controller very hot/whines when idle
May 10, 2012 10:16PM
I've concluded that I must have turned the pot too high to burn out the stepper controller like Polygonhell said.

I swapped the ramps shield and power supply with the shield & power from my gen 1 printer (no D1), and it did the exact same thing. Plus, I checked ALL the stepper controllers (not just X) and sure enough, Y was just as hot as X. I checked in the firmware and found this section:
// Disables axis when it's not being used.
const bool DISABLE_X = false;
const bool DISABLE_Y = false;
const bool DISABLE_Z = true;
const bool DISABLE_E = false;
So I set X and Y to true. Now the whining is gone and the stepper controllers are cold.

All I can do now is set it back (I can sense a bit of jerk with the new settings which I can't imagine being harmless) and then print for a while to see if I have any problems... If something else dies, I'll post a follow-up, but I think this is a non issue. eye rolling smiley
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