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sanguinololu and marlin thermocouple error

Posted by ekaggrat 
sanguinololu and marlin thermocouple error
August 07, 2012 09:54PM
i finished assembling my prusa mendel with a sanguinololu board... the kit came along with a max6675 and a thermocouple... i have attached the max 6675 to the sanguinololu using the spi bus pins ... i have uploaded marlin to the sanguinlolu... everything works except the thermocouple... just to check i attached a thermistor instead of a thermocouple and it works... but when i attach the thermocouple it gives a MAXTEMP error and haults the printer.....

i saw that there was no support for thermocouple in the pins.h file of marlin and so added the nesasary pins... but it still wont work...

i uploaded a independent sketch to check the thermocouple and that works... but it just refuses to work in marlin...

i am completely stuck...

any ideas..???

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