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Power surge help

Posted by smb1985 
Power surge help
October 04, 2012 08:42PM
So, my Prusa Mendel, with Ramps 1.4 electronics, is in the same room as a mini fridge, on the same power circuit. I don't really have the option to move either of them, but when the fridge turns off (the compressor shuts off), the lights in the room and my computer speakers indicate that it makes a small power surge. The arduino on the printer is powered through the usb port of my laptop, which is plugged into a power strip with a built in surge protector. However, when the fridge turns off, it still manages to make my printer electronics freeze, and they won't work again until I reload the firmware. Is there any way that I could further isolate the power coming into the Ramps arduino to prevent these freezes? I'm out of ideas
Re: Power surge help
October 05, 2012 04:02AM
... try with main-filters or powering your electronics by a car-battery ...

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Re: Power surge help
October 05, 2012 05:45AM
Reload the firmware like re-upload it or just like reset it? If you have to re-upload you likely haven't set the brown-out-detector fuse.

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Re: Power surge help
October 05, 2012 10:16AM
I have to re-upload the firmware. Would setting that fuse stop the printer from halting mid-print, or would it just stop the firmware from breaking if it gets a brown-out?
Re: Power surge help
October 06, 2012 05:59AM
Fix one thing, then look what's remaining. IMHO, doing such predictions is moot.

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