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:: basic stepper test -- HS 65-70 degC? ::

Posted by redreprap 
:: basic stepper test -- HS 65-70 degC? ::
October 20, 2012 03:55PM
hi guys i have began electronics test of my machine build ...

just a run up of arduino with a test code + ramps + steppers

i have adjusted the pot on the polulu so that when i apply load (with finger and thumb), they do not skip steps unless i apply very high (hand manual) force on it. is this considered a good way to adjust the pots? or should i rely on a scope wave form as i have read?

the steppers i used are sanyo denki (love these jap stuff). on the above pot setting they get only mildly warm to touch (noload)

the tiny heat sinks i have chosen to super glue them to the polulu (for max contact) instead of using the supplied 3M tape

w/o load these sink are measured @ a whooping 65-70 deg C no load, or approx 70-78 degC if i apply hand pressure to the pulleys (almost going to skip steps). Y channel is the hottest, @ almost 70.

am i on the right track on the way things are going? or the temps seem too high? my stepper supplies are adjusted to only a 10VDC (instead of 12v)

and not all the polulu appear to be doing the same temp, the Z piece is doing 5 degrees lesser than the rest. not sure if all you guys get the same temp on this odd channel? or its normal?

my guess is i will be upping the heat dissipation capability of the chips by increasing the sink size by prolly 4x-5x

am i to assume that with increased supply voltage i get more holding torque? or thats the work of current? so based on that setup i am getting about a unloaded working temp of roughly 43 degC ... i m assuming loaded to go up to 50-55 ... so thats gonna make me put some heatsink on it as well i think.

also i want to know, the famous R4 mod to zero ohms ... as said in this [hydraraptor.blogspot.sg] (tnx hydra) ... what will the zero ohm mod do to the power consumption? for 1 thing, i am guessing it will reduce to some extent the whiny noise, am i right?

cheers for any feedback or tips.

edit : hahaha looks like i killed a pololu board when my scope lead accidently shorted a stepper output terminal ... now it wun drive the stepper in revolutions anymore ... wooops lol :p

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