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Fried MOSFET (?)

Posted by anode505 
Fried MOSFET (?)
February 11, 2013 11:47AM
Commissioning a new printer with a RAMPs, (duh) and ran into a snag on the hotend.

Last week I had it heat up (and it maintained the temp) and extruded a little bit of goo.
Today it won't regulate the temp, it over shot BIG time. 350+C
If I give 12VDC it starts to heat up even without being told to.

Only change was I had the hot end hanging today to cal the extruder. (didn't want to push-goo)
I already know the answer, just wishful thinking here smiling smiley
Just trying to think of why it popped.

I'll swap the fet for the other extruder fet till I order up some (will have to check stock and see if I have something close)

Edit: Had a MOSFET _real_ close. Same prob. But found a short in the hot-end wiring. Prob solved.

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