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First Time Ramps

Posted by PurduePete 
First Time Ramps
April 02, 2013 07:08PM
I am a new user and building my first 3D Ptinter. A Prusa. I really having a hard time with the pololu and ramps setup. I have the software installed and also hooked up power to the driver. I have it on full step but only measure 1.7v and no current between the pot and gnd. Doesn't make a lot of sense. Is there something I should look at? I am attempting move a single axis. Only one driver is installed on the Y axis, no where else or anything else. Only power to the motors is installed. I realize my question may be on here but I can't find it. Any thoughts would be great. YouTube videos would be good too. Where can I find coil wiring setup?
Re: First Time Ramps
April 02, 2013 07:17PM
[reprap.org]. Give that a read. It might help
Re: First Time Ramps
April 02, 2013 11:38PM
Thank you. I realized my error there, adjusted it to .4v to get 1amp current. However, I still am not getting anything from the stepper. Just to be sure I used my volt meter on the pins and checked them all for voltage when trying the pronterface interface. I am not reading any voltage. Is there somewhere that I should look? Another link maybe. Really sorry.

Wouldn't have posted here but just getting quite frustrated. Obviously. I read that page you linked me ten times and still thought I was measuring currently even though it was Vref. Oh well. Live and learn.
Re: First Time Ramps
April 03, 2013 01:37AM
Did not mean to post two threads. I got an error when posting and it said I dropped me. Should have looked again before trying but did not. Sorry

I installed the test software and found that only LED1 blinks. What other three are supposed to be blinking. Is it likely the arduino or the ramps is defective? Can I test to find which one?

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Re: First Time Ramps
April 07, 2013 06:23PM

Stepper motor wiring wont make a difference right now.. the only thing you might have is the motor spinning in the wrong direction.

when you measure voltage between the pot and the gnd.. ur measuring voltage and not current, you need to set the trimpot to match the current limitation of your motor as described in the page lazzymonk sent you.

And yes, i totally agree with you.. the wiki is messed up and its really hard to find a good source of information... even the testcodes for the ramps are simply dropped there without any explenations.

What is the problem that ur facing anyways? are your motors shacking? doing noise? moving? spinning?

Also, what code are you using to test ur ramps, send me a link please

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Re: First Time Ramps
April 10, 2013 01:49PM
I am very sorry for not responding. I am actually have a great deal of trouble viewing on my computer. The wiki and forums do not load for me. They do on my tablet and phone though, odd.

[reprap.org] Here is the link that I used for testing. I have not but will check what you suggested. Have a large paper due Monday which unfortunately takes precedence, but will attempt it asap. I should be able to this weekend anyway. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Been quite frustrated. I will get this printer built though!
Re: First Time Ramps
April 11, 2013 06:10AM
No worries.. and yes the reprap forums have been going down alot lately.. thats why i left you my email address if u needed more help!

let me know what happens with you!
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