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Marlin v1 - PAIN IN THE A$$ ?

Posted by Bencarter 
Marlin v1 - PAIN IN THE A$$ ?
September 16, 2013 12:08AM
Hey Everyone,

Im new to the forum and require some "simple" help configuring Marlin.
Ive built a custom made 3d printer from scratch using the Ramps1.4 board from Lulzbot.com, Ive gone through the config.h file and configured everything according to 3-4 posts ive found on the net but with no luck, everything seems to be rather straight foward until I ask teh printer to do something...
Its started off that the motors would only move a few stepps and then do nothing, I fixed that problem for a while and then all of a sudden it went pear-shaped, now my x-axis just moves foward and backwards when asked to move onlty one direction, Y axis wont move at all and Z axis working Perfect.
Im using 8mm Threaded rods with the standard stepper motors that I got from lulzbot.
Also the motors make a terrible noise, when everything was working perfectly the motors would make a grinding sought of noise once it had finish performing the required action.
Any info would be fantastic.


Re: Marlin v1 - PAIN IN THE A$$ ?
October 04, 2013 07:25AM
Sounds like the current on your stepper drivers is not setup, try setting all the small trim pots on the stepper drivers to mid way and try again, then back off until the motors stop and the come forward a small bit again.
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