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Incessant beep

Posted by BarneyG 
Incessant beep
December 15, 2013 08:56AM
I'm having a little difficulty setting up my RAMPS board with an LCD/SD card reader board.

I got a bundle off of an ebay seller and the description and linked docs outlined the G3D controller and initially while the screen was displaying the appropriate stuff the encoder wasn't working correctly and the buzzer was on perminantly ... after some investigation I actually believe it is a RepRapDiscount Smart Controller, and made appropriate changes in the config file ... the encoder now works correctly but the Buzzer just wont stop making a noise. I've changed every occurrence of BEEPER to -1 in pins.h but to no avail ... I just can't get this constant tone to stop. I've tried making sure the 12v line was connected and that the termisitor and hotend and endstops were all connected and an SD card was inserted ... nothing seems to work.

Any ideas where I can look next ?

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Re: Incessant beep
December 15, 2013 12:25PM
Bah ... ignore me ... I decided to trace the connection to the buzzer to ensure it wasn't connecting to a pin that the firmware was expecting to be connected to something else ... there was a transistor in the line from the buzzer ... it had been bent over in the post and all 3 legs were touching. I've carefully bent them apart again and I was rewarded with silence smiling smiley
Re: Incessant beep
December 15, 2013 03:56PM
i got mine to stop in the firmware, though i would have like it to work like it was intended too.

lol now i cant remember where i got mine from, I'm getting bad for stuff like that.

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