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SD/SPI distance from Arduino

Posted by leadinglights 
SD/SPI distance from Arduino
February 05, 2014 05:28AM
I have fitted LCD controllers and SDRamps to both of my printers and they work O.K., but I would like to be able to have the SD card accessible from the LCD controller so that cards can be changed. I have seen several designs with SDRamps on the end of a length of ribbon cable - and others with Arduino SD adaptors without buffer circuitry. My worry is that none of these circuits seem to be optimised to drive any distance and may have poor noise immunity. I have looked at several bidirectional level converters such as the Texas TXB0104 but even these seem to have limited capacitive drive (70pF).

So the question: Can anybody reccoments a board, circuit or IC that will drive the SPI bus to a SD card over 300mm to 500mm fast and with excellent noise immunity?


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