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Ramps 1.4 test firmware by AOG

Posted by AngelOfGrief 
Ramps 1.4 test firmware by AOG
April 04, 2014 04:52PM
Hello 3D folks!

While I am building my 3D printer I thought it would be nice to have a more functional test code. So, here it is for you to try out.

The code is similar to Ramps 1.4 test code and it basically cycles thru all steppers automatically and reacts to end stops. Features are:

1) End stop test. End stop hits are indicated by LED flashes. MIN endstop is 2 flashes, MAX endstop is 1 flash. While a motor is running hitting an endstop reverses the current motor, meaning, you can leave the thing running if you have endstops installed. If a motor is running, code will only react to endstop towards which it moves. If you need to test both end stops, use STOP mode.
2) LCD, keyboard and beeper support (if you have the LCD board). Stop button pauses/resumes (in stop mode you can test the end stops too); rotating encoder knob changes direction of current motor; encoder knob press changes motor to the next one; encoder knob press and hold changes speed/feedrate (1-16).
3) PS_ON signal is supported if you need it to turn on your ATX power supply.
4) Heaters, fan - same as in Ramps 1.4 test code previously posted.

I tested the code with mechanical endstops and I'm not sure if optical endstops need the same code.

Please, enjoy!
open | download - ramps14_test_firmware_by_AOG.zip (2.7 KB)
Re: Ramps 1.4 test firmware by AOG
April 06, 2014 07:59AM
Hi mate

Thanks for sharing your test software, I have been looking for something like this for quite a while.
I have been involved with electronics for many years but mainly with PIC chips so this is all new to me.
I want to build a Prusa i3 as I think it would be fun and a way to ease me into Arduino side of things. I have started to buy the parts to build the i3.

As I have got a fair bit of the electronics I was hoping to test the individual electronic bits before connecting them all together.

The electrics / electronics I have so far;-
  • Mega 2560 ATmega2560-16AU Board
  • 3D Printer Control Board RAMPS 1.4
  • 30A 12V PSU
  • 1 A4988 StepStick (I had this from my PIC days) more on order
  • RepRap RAMPS1.4 12864 LCD display controller with adapter (same as this item on eBay 321370499667)
  • 3 Opto end stops. More on order
  • 5 NEMA 17 Stepper motors
  • All the wires / cables I need for a complete build and more.
I have successfully tested;-
  • ATmega2560 with blink
  • SD RAMPS with Sdrampstest
What I hope to test if I can find suitable software;-
  • StepStick
  • Graphic display
  • Motors
  • End stops
  • Heatbed & extruder output (with a Multimeter)
I can't find software that will put anything on the graphic display, it lights up but that is all.
I have tried marlin code after configuring it for my electronics but get all sorts of errors when it compiles (going to look further into this as I think it's down to where I have put the files).
I'll try yours once I get it plugged together again, is there anything I need to do before it will work with my bits?

Do you have or know where I can find software that will let me test all my individual electronics (specifically the graphic display)?
Most of the software I have found expects most if not all of the electronics to be connected and needs (more than I know how to do) changes to make it work for my individual bits.
I appreciate and links / help you or others may be able to give.

Best Regards

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Re: Ramps 1.4 test firmware by AOG
September 30, 2018 08:25PM
How diminuée it? Just load in IDE and upload?
Re: Ramps 1.4 test firmware by AOG
October 08, 2018 06:43PM
How diminuée it? Just load in IDE and upload?

Short answer: Yes.
All output will however be sent to the LCD, so you need to have a LCD connected to you RAMPS 1.4 board.

Here is some other test software. Where all output is shown in the IDE-> Serial Monitor

You will however need to adjust all the pin definitions, as this alternative test software is not set up to test RAMPS 1.4, but rather to test RAMPS 1.7.
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