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Sporadic Stepper Movement

Posted by JSpeicher 
Sporadic Stepper Movement
April 04, 2014 08:39PM
Hey guys, newb here,

I'm in the middle of building a Prusa Medel i2 and my stepper motors are not producing a consistent motion. They will sometimes work and sometimes freeze and just make a high pitched whine.

I am using RAMPS 1.4 with Arduino Mega, Pronterface, opto-endstops, and Sprinter firmware. My motors are NEMA 17 Minebea 17PM-K307-05VS, which is a six pin connection. I was reading through the forums and found that the six pin types can cause such problems. Do I need to get new motors?

Re: Sporadic Stepper Movement
April 11, 2014 08:36AM
Have you tried turning acceleration and speed down?
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