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Posted by qazqazqsd 
April 23, 2014 07:22AM
Can JST connectors be used to attach wiring to standard RAMPS board? What contact pitch- 1mm or 2mm?
DuPont connectors are much more expensive.

Not too interested in actually 'clipping in', just want contacts to attach and gtransmit current!

Here can get JST connectors for a penny each, and same for a crimp.

Sainsmart only gave me 5 cables with their RAMPS, ok for the price but need more wires, and want to make my own

Where can I get ideas/links about buying crimping tool (choice?) vs soldering into connector?

This should probably appear on main RAMPS article somewhere because not every1 gives full cable set with ramps board
Re: Connectors
April 23, 2014 04:13PM
RAMPS pins are standard .1" pitch. The closest JST pitch would be 2.5mm which is close and might be able to be forced on, but it's not the same (that would be 2.54mm). I'd honestly just look for the correct connectors. They aren't THAT much unless you buy them one at a time. They can be found on ebay for a penny or two in packs of 100 with a few more bucks for shipping anywhere in the world. Pins to go with them aren't much more.
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