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Nema 6 wire motors

Posted by gpucci94 
Nema 6 wire motors
May 05, 2014 06:57PM
My nema 17 motors have 6 wires and no connector how can i connect it to my ramps board?
Re: Nema 6 wire motors
May 05, 2014 09:55PM
6 wires usually means that you have 2 coils, each one with a centre tap (effectively making 4 coils, with each pair hooked in series). You need to ignore the centre tap wires (don't connect them to anything, and do not connect them to each other).

I would use a resistance meter (multimeter on resistance scale) to figure out which coil is which, and which are the outer pins of the coils.

This page might be useful: [reprap.org]
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