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Displaying Signals for Calibration Study

Posted by rm446 
Displaying Signals for Calibration Study
May 28, 2014 02:16PM
Is there a way to get my ramps board to display the voltage/current signals it's sending to one of my stepper motors in real time?

Specifically I want to see the signal of my filament feed stepper motor as I tell my printer to do stuff via Pronterface (though if the solution involves another program that'd work too). I'm wondering if I could use this data to get the power/torque the motor is outputting. I believe this would be useful for calibration studies, as you could do things like figure out things like the max feed rate via the computer rather than having to eyeball it.

Going further, you could potentially use this data and a few experiments to characterize a spool of filament. Knowing the torque would give you the pressure drop across the hotend for a specific temp and speed. Measuring pressure drop for a few different temps and speeds and you can map the whole behavior to a mathematical function which may provide an accurate characterization of your specific spool of filament. This characterization could serve as a guide to slicing settings, as you could reasonably predict how adjusting things like temp or feed rate will affect print quality.
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