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ramps thermocouple pins dual extruders

Posted by metzindustries 
ramps thermocouple pins dual extruders
August 14, 2014 07:38PM
Having problem getting the dual extruders to work with thermocouples.

I hooked up aux1 the positive and negative and pin 3. I get temp readings.

I enabled dual extruders and I tried Aux pin 4 and pin 7 in pins.h section but no luck. I have the LCD screen taking up aux3. I dissconnected one of the thermocouples and oddly enough it displays 2 different readings.

So can i use the Aux2 for the second thermocouple and which pin?
Re: ramps thermocouple pins dual extruders
August 15, 2014 04:15AM
Which thermocouple boards are you using?

RAMPS by default doesn't directly interface with thermocouples, so you need an interface board of some kind, and there is no set standard for them. Some use analog comms from the interface chip, and some use digital (and not all the digital ones use the same protocol).
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