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Part number for ramps 1.4 mosfet

Posted by Wpflum 
Part number for ramps 1.4 mosfet
November 03, 2014 07:10PM
I'd like to order a few backup mosfets so when, not if, I blow one out I have spares on hand. I'm not near my board at the moment so I was hoping someone could tell me if there is a standard mosfet part number I can look for either on ebay or one of the online electronic suppliers.
Re: Part number for ramps 1.4 mosfet
November 03, 2014 08:56PM
You can use one of a number of types of mosfet in place of the standard ones on the RAMPS board.

The standard ones are STP55NF06L. If you're going to buy these, make sure it's got the L on the end, otherwise it won't work.

That said, I'd recommend either using the IRLB8743 or FDP8870. They're both fairly close in performance to each other, and they definitely out-perform the STP55NF06L's. The price for each wavers a bit, so at times I've seen one cheaper than the other, then flip-flop a few months later, then back again.

They both have lower on resistance (meaning they don't warm up as much, and they drop less voltage so more gets to your outputs), and both will happily work on a RAMPS board. Insert them in the same orientation as the original mosfets.

FWIW: Gen7 uses the IRLB8743 with good results. [reprap.org]

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Re: Part number for ramps 1.4 mosfet
November 03, 2014 10:22PM
Thanks, I'll get 5 or 10 of one of the better versions. That ought to keep me running for a while.smiling smiley
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