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Sintron ramps combo failed on testing

Posted by Industriald 
Sintron ramps combo failed on testing
December 26, 2014 06:36AM
Hello guys,

Long time reader first time poster. I have a flashforge creator x and am currently building a Rostock delta.

The ramps board all came pre assembled/attached. Here's the link [www.ebay.com.au]

Upon connecting the 12v supply, the regulator on the mega got very hot and burned the trace leading from d1.

Upon testing on a breadboard, all but one of the stepper drivers are faulty.

What could cause this to happen? Obviously the faults with the drivers caused excessive current to be drawn from the mega through the trace that burnt.

The seller is trying to argue that I connected the endstops incorrectly or that my power supply is faulty.

From all my knowledge and experience this should not have happened. Most basic connections only.

Any advice appreciated,


Re: Sintron ramps combo failed on testing
December 27, 2014 01:56AM
If your short the +5 to gnd pins via mechanical endstops, this will kill the regulator nearly every time.. this is what the supplier is referring to...

Putting in a pololu in backwards will also do serious harm...

Power in backwards shouldn’t do that, but will probaby kill D2

Since you have no pictures of how you wired it... its all speculation.
Re: Sintron ramps combo failed on testing
December 27, 2014 03:52AM
Thanks for your reply,

I had only basic connections, three stepper motors connected and the lcd screen/sd card board was connected. +12v to both inputs and gnd to both ground pins.

The stepper drivers were inserted when the board arrived and the ground terminals line up on the driver and the ramps board (I checked them obviously before re-applying power).

No endstops nor heaters nor fans were connected.

Hope this helps,


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