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Ramps Reboots!?!

Posted by snowzach 
Ramps Reboots!?!
January 11, 2015 09:17AM
I have a Ramps 1.4 (from Makerfarm) and it's worked for well over a year without issue. I've having strange problems lately where it will just reboot in the middle of a print. It happens at random times during the print and may be getting worse.

I used to have the whole printer in a cabinet and figured it was due to heat, now I've cut a hole in the cabinet and have cool air being blown by a fan directly on the ramps board. Didn't seem to make any difference.

I also tried a different power supply.

Before I just start throwing parts at it, any idea if it's the ramps board or the mega that could be causing the issue?
Re: Ramps Reboots!?!
January 14, 2015 08:08PM
check wires on moving parts. you can have just a broken wire inside the insulation, as i did once. i had the same problem and it was in the conection betwen the psuply and the ramps
i hope it helps.
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