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Ramps shuts off by itself

Posted by [email protected] 
Ramps shuts off by itself
January 17, 2015 05:23AM
Hi guys, I have got a strange problem for about two days now. My printer was running fine, and just suddenly the motors started to make some extremely wining noise and the whole print stopped. This is happening aleatory, sometimes it prints 5 minutes, thaan just 1 or two. What I saw, is that the Ramps board suddenly shuts itself off, and the second (little) fuse is extremely hot. I'm printing with USB, and I noticed that if I pull out the USB cable just after it stopped, the Ramps is acting normal,as it should, but I cant print until I reset it manually, and start the whole printing again. Did somebody had the same problem before?
Re: Ramps shuts off by itself
January 17, 2015 11:06AM
The hot polyfuse is an indication that it is tripped due to the current exceeding 6 amps (combined) at D9 and D10. This shouldn't shut down the RAMPS board though, as it is powered by the regulated 5 volts (VCC) from the Arduino.


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Re: Ramps shuts off by itself
January 17, 2015 11:20AM
Yes, after digging myself into the forums, I've found another guy with this problem, which is the polyfuse. Altough it shouldn't power off the Rams, it does, but only for a few seconds (10-15), and after that the printer could print again, for a certain ammount of time, after what it repeatedly would turn the Ramps off again. Don't know how the current exceed the normal 6 amps just for two days now, until than, everything was going fine...? D10 is for the extruder heater, that is a 40W cartridge type heater, and D9 is a fan. This is my setup for 4 months now on this printer...

Anyway, I changed the polyfuse with a normal glass fuse, 8A, hope it resolves my problems grinning smiley
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