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RAMPS Board Problem!! Suddenly stopped working

Posted by gnex16 
RAMPS Board Problem!! Suddenly stopped working
July 08, 2015 05:32AM
Hi Guys,

Have run into this problem where my RAMPS 1.4 Board stopped working all of a sudden.
Was trying to print today after taking a pretty long break. Got all the motors to work and the hotend and the bed to heat up!!
Switched off the printer, uploaded a couple of files to print and the next thing i see is there is absolutely no response from the printer.
Now when i connect the usb cable and hit connect on pronterface i can see a RED LED LIGHT UP on the RAMPS board.
It does not flicker but is infact a solid red Light!!

Have attached a pic as well to show the exact LED i'm talking about!
Would be really helpful if u could guide me on what's happening as my first day of restart seems to be a disaster!!
open | download - IMG_20150708_145812.jpg (376.4 KB)
Re: RAMPS Board Problem!! Suddenly stopped working
July 08, 2015 09:30AM
How do you switch off the printer?
Maybe this switch got broken, when you used it last time. Sometimes the contacts of a cheap or underrated switch stick together.
Do you see 12V on the Ramps power connector?
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