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Actuate Stepper for Retraction?

Posted by 3DTOPO 
Actuate Stepper for Retraction?
September 07, 2015 08:11PM
I am using the Marlin firmware and need a stepper motor (not the extruder motor though) to move forward a number of steps on retraction and reverse when a print line begins. It is to plug a nozzle. I guess I want it to work just like the E stepper but ignore feed commands and only retract/tract

Does anything like this already exist? Otherwise, I haven't worked much with the firmware so pointers recommended!
Re: Actuate Stepper for Retraction?
September 08, 2015 03:49AM
Wouldn´t it be easier with a solenoid?
Marlin has a solenoid support, but I don´t know the actual purpose.
Anyways, you could try to rewrite/add some code to the retraction section in the gcode planner to suit your needs.

Re: Actuate Stepper for Retraction?
September 08, 2015 11:06AM
For the what I have in mind a solenoid won't work. Anyhow - I haven't ran across that in the Marlin code. Do you know what file the solenoid defined in? Might led me to a good start...
Re: Actuate Stepper for Retraction?
September 09, 2015 10:58AM
See attached picture... smiling smiley
* M126 - Solenoid Air Valve Open (BariCUDA support by jmil)
* M127 - Solenoid Air Valve Closed (BariCUDA vent to atmospheric pressure by jmil)
* M380 - Activate solenoid on active extruder
* M381 - Disable all solenoids

May I suggest doing it with servos, when solenoids won´t work?

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open | download - solenoid.JPG (141.5 KB)
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