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Problems setting DRV8825 to 16 steps [SOLVED]

Posted by madias 
Problems setting DRV8825 to 16 steps [SOLVED]
February 18, 2016 03:45PM
I'm exchanged my melzi board with a RAMPS 1.4 board successfully. I own A4988 drivers and everything worked as expected.
So I tried the DRV8825 (chinese ones, they should work have hundred of good reviews on ali) for all steppers, knowing that jumpers M0-M2 set "on" results in 32 steps. So I removed the jumpers M0 and M1 and left only M2 plugged in.
Now the strange case:
All steppers are moving only the half way, like the drivers were set to 32 steps.
I examined the VREF and set it between 0.6 and 1A (tried several values). Result: Only exactly the half way. Going back to A4988 (full jumpers set) and everything is ok.

Did I missed something with the DRV8825 (like frequency...) ?

EDIT: Problem solved!
I trapped into that pit:
Luckily I have a second RAMPS board without that "feature" smiling smiley

Thank you

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