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Gadgets3D (G3D) LCD pannel problem

Posted by ncshooter426 
Gadgets3D (G3D) LCD pannel problem
February 19, 2016 07:50AM
Hey folks!

So I dug out my old prusa i3 guts to re-assemble it this weekend. I have a G3D LCD/Card that rides my arduino+ramps combo. I uncommented out the G3D_PANEL def in the marlin 1.0.0 firmware (per Wiki), but I can't seem to get any display output.

LCD powers up, but does not display anything. Originally it displayed 2 rows of white boxes -- dialed down the contrast and it's just a nice solid blue (no text) across the screen.

LCD "chirps" when you press the selection button/knob, so it somewhat responds.

SD card does read, so I know that the ribbon cables are matched correctly - red stripe on pin 1, matches pin 1 on the LCD side.

I don't have another LCD to test at the moment to rule out just bad pins on the board, but I figure it's likely just software/config. Any help would be appreciated smiling smiley

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