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USB power only axis not moving?

Posted by soso2 
USB power only axis not moving?
June 05, 2016 02:09PM
Hey everyone
When you have the ramps connected to the pc, with just usb power.. and connected to Pronterface, and I asking the printer to move the x axis to the right 10mm, but it doesn't move??
Ramps board connects to pronterface with correct braud rate,. Says connected with no errors..

Now when I connect ramps to the power supply and ask x-axis to move it does.. Not connected to pc, just power supply, using firmware.

Also I read there supposed to be a red led when connected through usb, I don't get a red led..

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Re: USB power only axis not moving?
June 05, 2016 08:50PM
You cannot run a ramps just off of usb.

USB only supplies 5v to logic side of board, steppers need 12v to move.
[SOLVED] USB power only axis not moving?
June 06, 2016 08:21AM
Thanks Dust

Yeah this is my first DIY 3d printer, I thought .you just wire it up, and you good to go.. I was wrong.. big time.. Thanks..
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